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Strike the Bell, Landlord

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Strike the Bell, Landlord

In a local boozer hear the rafters ring,
Everybody's gathered there, just to have a sing,
The atmosphere is warmin' up, the choruses are primed,
Then the landlord rings his little bell and calls out time.

Cho: Strike the bell, landlord, serve another round,
     Such a thirsty crowd as this is seldom to be found,
     To break such jovial company vould surely be a sin,
     So, strike the bell and shut the door and lock us all in.

Tom, over there is chattin' up a bird with class,
She's drinkin' double vodkas and it's costin' 'im all his brass;
She's very understanding when she gets a little tight,
Just another two or three and he'll be set up for the night.

Jim, in the corner has been drinkin' very hard,
But everything he's had tonight he's left out in the yard,
He's gotten nothin' left to show for all he's had to pay,
It's only fair to let 'im have some more before he goes away.

I have to admit I've had a drop or two meself,
Me vision's kind of fuzzy and me legs aren't workin' well,
If a Copper stopped me car me breath would say fag a light;
So, keep me off the roads and let me stay all night.

Here comes our local Copper creepin' up so sly,
His beat is hot and dusty and he's lookin' very dry,
Underneath that uniform he's just like me and you;
So stick a tankard in his fist and lock 'im in, too.

Landlord, if you'll be our friend and if you'll let us stay,
We'll keep your till a-ringin' 'til the dawnin' of the day;
The more we drink the more we sing, singin' makes us dry,
We'll drink the moon to bed and sing the sun into the sky.

Note: Yet another Strike the Bell variant: this one modern. RG

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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