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(Gerry O'Beirne)

Down on the heather there's water in my shoes
To river and black lane I run from you
You took me to the steeple you fall on the ground
Your ribbons light my way home You lead me on

Strokestown Sitting on your four streets
Your sun beat down I'm down
Living in a four street town

Passing the turnpike on my way home from school
When we are far away what will we do
Will we sleep at night when moon is out
Or on our horses ride like rain clouds

Upstairs my piano plays going up and down the scale
Downstairs they're putting on airs And I play for you
I play for you, for you

Now I'm leaving by the back door The fruit falls  where it is sowed
Horseman to the manor And me to the road

copyright Gerry O'Beirne, 1986
Sung by Patrick Street on "Irish Times"
Background: Built on a crossroad, Strokestown in Co. Roscommon was
     said to have the widest streets in Ireland. It's my
     father's hometown. WH

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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