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Reel o' Stumpie

Reel o' Stumpie

Hap and Rowe. Hap and Rowe,     (note: first verse can be sung as
Hap and rowe the feetie o't        chorus, or repeated after last
I thocht I was a maiden fine           verse.)
'Til I heard the greetie o't.

My daddy he was a fiddler fine
My minnie he made a mankie, O,
And I myself a thumpin' queen
Wha danced the Reel O' Stumpie, O.

Dance and sing, dance and sing,
Hey, the merry dancing, O,
And all the love-locks wavin' 'round
And all the bright eyes glancin', O

The pipes come wi' their gladsome note
And then with dool and dumpie, O,
But the lightest tune to a maiden's foot
Is the gallant Reel O' Stumpie, O.

The gossip cup, the gossip cup
The kimmer clash and caudle, O,
The waning moon the wanton loon
The cutty stool and cradle, O.

Douce dames wha hae their bairn-time borne
Sae dinna glower sae glumpie, O,
Cocks love the morn and crows love corn
And maids the Reel of Stumpie, O.

RG Note: If you can't decipher all the braid Scots, dinna fash
yersel' --- it means exactly what it sounds like.

recorded by Ewan MacColl and by Lori Holland

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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