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Stewball (3)

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Stewball (3)

There's a big day in Dallas,
And I wish I a-was there
Spend my las' hundred dollars
On that iron gray mare
     See her travel, all day long, long, long,
     See her travel all day long,
     All day long.

Well I don't mind horse racing
If it wasn't for my wife.
Old Stewball may stumble
And away with my life
     Wife and baby, left behind, yeah yeah
     WIfe and baby, left behind
     Left behind.

Old stewball was a black horsw
Jus' as slick as a mole,
Had a ring 'round his fore-shoulder
And it shined just like gold.
     Shined like gold, shined like gold, Lord, Lord
     Shined like gold, shined like gold
     Shined like gold.

Old Stewball was a racehorse,
But the poor horse was blind.
He ran so fast in Texas
Left his shadow behind
     Behind, behind
     Left his shadow behind
     Left behind.

Old Stewball was a racehorse
And old Molly, she was too.
Old Molly, she stumbled
And Old Stewball, he just flew.
     Round the track, round the track, yeah, yeah
     Round the track, round the track
     Round the track.

DT #349
Laws Q22
As sung by Memphis Slim


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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