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Suffolk Miracle

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Suffolk Miracle

It's of an old and wealthy man
He had a daughter and her name was Ann
She were handsome, fine and tall
She had a loving face withal

Sing lady, lady, lady fair
Many a suitor had she there
A widow's son of low degree
Among them all, she fancied he

Sing courting, courting, courting cane
There's many a courtship all in vain
For when her father came to know
He sent her far, oh far from home

One night as she were lying down
The quiet loosening of her gown
She heard a low and deathly sound
Says, "Loose my bounds, I'm earthly bound"

She looked out of her window clear
She seen her love on her father's mare
"Here's your mother's cloak, here's your father's roan
They sent me here, love, to bring you home"

He's mounted up, she's on behind
And they rode on with contented mind
But all along, complaint he made
"Oh love, oh love, my head do ache"

Her handkerchief from her neck around
She bound it round his head around
He set her down at her father's door
Then her true love she saw no more

"Awake, awake, awake," said she
"Is no one here for to welcome me?"
"You're welcome home, dear child," said he
"But what trusty friend did come for thee?"

"Did you not send one I do adore
That love so dear and must love no more?"
Her father frowned and shook his head
Says, "Your true love been one year dead"

He's summonsed clerk and clergy, too
That grave was opened and him to view
And though he had been a twelvemonth dead
Her handkerchief was bound round his head

So a warning to you old folks still
Don't hinder young ones from their will
The first they love they'll never forget
Though he be dead, she'll love him yet

Child #272
recorded by Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl on Blood & Roses I

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