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Summer Man

Summer Man
(Bob Clayton)

Sunlight pouring through the window blind makin' little bars of
     shadow on the floor
It's gettin dark later every night, spring's coming back once more
Their a cold wind blowing kinda hard outside, but the sun takes
     the chill away.
It's February on the calendar, but in my mind it's May

     In my mind it's the middle of summer
     In my mind I'm workin' on a tan
     In my mind it's July Fourth weekend
     In my mind, I guess I'm a summer man

The fall came fallin' down upon us and the winter followed fast
     upon its heels
The days got short and the nights got long, snow covered all the
But the crunch of the snow and the nip in the air may make some
     peoples day
But I for one want to see the sun, and I wish it was the first of May

I can hardly wait until the summer gets here, 'cause the winter
     weather wears away my soul
Snow and rain are a well known bane, they make me feel so old
through it all I've got the sun in my memory shining so bright
Though it's half a year away I'm dreamin' of a July night

Written by Bob Clayton, copyright by the author 1987.
"Yes I really feel that way, I don't like the worst aspects of
winter more than I don't like the worst aspects of summer." - BC


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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