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California Sunset

California Sunset
(Mark Cohen)

Northeast wind is rolling off the sea
It scatters birds and branches with its motion
I face the cold and think about Marie
Who's living by another ocean


   Save one more sunset for me, Marie
   Save one more sunset for me
   If I could be beside your diamond dancing sea
   Save one more sunset for me

Boston is a hundred shades of gray
Everything is frozen and unmoving
Wonder why I ever went away
Or what it was that needed proving

California sun it has a way
Of telling you it's easy to discover
The time to change your life, to find your way
The time to leave a gentle lover

I can see her walking on the beach
The California sunset is entrancing
She dances lightly, just beyond my reach
But here it's much too cold for dancing

Copyright Mark Cohen 1987

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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