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Sussex Toast

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Sussex Toast

I have drunk one and I will drink two
Here sits one who'll drink as much as you

cho: For I've been done as the rest have done
     Me and my good companions

I have drunk two and I will drink three
There sits one who'll drink as much as me

I have drunk three and I will drink four
There stands one who'll drink a little bit more

I have drunk four and I will drink five
There sits one who'll drink with anyone alive

I have drunk five and I will drink six
There sits one who's in a right old fix
I have drunk six and I will drink seven
There sits one who thinks he's going up to heaven

I have drunk seven and I will drink eight
There sits one who'll drink early or late

I have drunk eight and I will drink nine
The landlord says that we're drinking overtime

I have drunk nine and I will drink ten
Now I think it's my turn to have a drink again.

From singing of Mary Zikos

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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