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Sweet Song From Yesterday

Sweet Song From Yesterday
(Bob Zentz)

Hold back the days in which I'm living,
So far from home, so far from free;
Hold back the way we've all been given,
And let a sweet song from yesterday wash over me.

If we should meet like ships a-passin',
Some stormy night upon the blue,
We may not speak, but for the asking,
I'd let a sweet song from yesterday wash over you.

When it seems you dreams ain't worth the dreamin',
When you can't find you way through,
And when you schemes ain't worth the schemin',
Just let a sweet song from yesterday wash over you.

Recorded by Bob Zentz on "Beaucatcher Farewell", FSI-67,
copyright 1978.

"The old songs (and the ones that seem as though they've always
been around) take care of us, and tend to cleanse us by washing
away the immediate grit and grime of everyday existence in a
'solution' of 'we've all been there before.'  Those songs and
tunes tend to plug us into the mainstream of mankind, and let us
live and learn from the billions who have lived, lost, worked,
loved, and felt - and celebrated it in song.

Sometimes I realize that my songs tell who I am better than I do.
We are all anchored somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow -
and those sweet songs are a way of holding hands in the darkness
as we face the unknown.  As time washes over us, we keep our
footing by being rooted in tradition as we face the future."


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