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Sweet Dakota Land

Sweet Dakota Land

We've reached the land of drought and heat,
Where nothing grows for man to eat
We do not live, we only stay
We are too poor to get away.

cho: Dakota land, sweet Dakota land
     As on the highest butte I stand
     And look away across the plains
     And wonder why it never rains.
     'Til Gideon blows his trumpet sound
     And says the rain has gone around.

We have no grain, we have no oats
We have no corn to feed our shoats
The pigs go crying down the lane
They wonder why it never rains.

Our horse is of the bronco race
Starvation stares him in the face
God in His mercy give us grace
The people of Dakota land.

Our women are all of one kind
Our women are all of one mind
With balking hands and turned-up nose
They gather chips of buffaloes
And with a smile upon our lips,
We gather up the buffalo chips.

From Prarie Home Companion Songbook

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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