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It's the Syme the 'Ole World Over

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It's the Syme the 'Ole World Over

cho: It's the syme the 'ole world over
     It's the poor wot gets the blyme;
     While the rich 'as all the pleasures,
     Now ain't that a bleedin' shyme!

She was just a farmer's daughter
Pure, unsullied was 'er nyme
When a country squire came courting
And the poor girl lorst 'er nyme!

So she went to live in Lunnon
Sinkin' deeper in 'er shyme
There she met another squire,
Once again she lorst 'er nyme.

See 'im with 'is 'orse and carriage
Drinkin' champagne in 'is club!
While the wictim of 'is passions
Drinks 'er Guinness in a pub.

See 'er all alone and friendless
Walkin' streets at night in shyme
When she met a Labor leader
And again she lorst 'er nyme.

See 'im in the 'ouse of Commons
Mykin' laws to put down crime
While the woman 'e 'as ruined
'Angs 'er 'ead in wicked shyme.

See 'er in 'er 'orse and carriage
Dribin' d'ily through the park
Though she's mide a wealthy marriage,
Still she 'ides a breaking 'eart.

In a cottage down in Blighty
There 'er aged parents live,
Drinking champagne that she sends them,
But they never can forgive.


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