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It's a Shyme

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It's a Shyme

We were comfy back in England
Drinking beer and ale and wine
When they slipped it to us, greasy
And shipped us out to the front line.

cho:     It's a shyme the 'ole world over
         It's a shyme around the map
         The civilians gets the gravy
         While the Air Force gets the crap.

Now we were young and we were eager
Ten more missions and we're 'ome
But they goosed us without warning
Sent us flying 'cross the foam.

As we flew over Windsor Castle
And saluted all the 'ores
We got it up the arse 'ole
And we're far from Britain's shores.

So we fly our stinking aircraft
And we're risking all our lives
While the cruds wot gyve us orders
Are shacking with our wives.

So as you sit amidst your family
Blessed be the tie that binds
Say a prayer for the Air Force
Wot got it rammed up their behinds.

From There I Was, Flat On My Back..., Stevens

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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