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Tail Toddle

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Tail Toddle

cho: Tail toddle, tail toddle Tammie gars my tail toddle

But an' ben wi' diddle doddle, Tammie gars my tail toddle.

When I'm deid I'm oot o' date
When I'm seik I'm fu' o' trouble
When I'm weel I stap aboot
An' Tammie gars my tail toddle.

Jessie Rack she gied a plack
Helen Wallace gied a boddle
Quo' the bride, " It's ower kittle
For to mend a broken doddle."

Oor guid-wife held ower to Fife
For to buy a coal riddle
Lang or she cam' back again
O Tammie garred my tail toddle.

From Personal Choice, MacColl
Collected from Hamish Henderson

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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