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All Are Talking of Utah

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All Are Talking of Utah

Who'd ever think that Utah would stir the world so much?
Who'd ever think the Mormons 'd be widely known as such?
I hardly dare to scribble, or such a subject touch,
For all are talking of Utah

Hurrah (hurrah) Hurrah (hurrah) We Mormons have a name
Hurrah (hurrah) Hurrah (hurrah) We're on the road to fame
No matter how they style us, it's all about the same
For all are talking of Utah

'Tis Utah and the Mormons in Congress, pulpit, press,
'Tis Utah and the Mormons in every place I guess
We must be growing greater, we can't be growing less
For all are talking of Utah


They say they'll send an Army to set us Mormons right
Regenerate all Utah, and give us Christian light
Release our wives and daughters, and make us mend the fight
For all are talking of Utah


I now will tell you something you haven't heard of yet
We bees are nearly filling the hive called Deseret
If hurt shall sting together, we'll gather all we get
For all are talking of Utah


     To the tune of "Marching Through Georgia". This song tells of
Utah's pre-statehood struggles, and was published at least as early
as 1872 in William Willis' "The Mountain Warbler."
     "Deseret" is a word from the Book of Mormon which means honeybee
or beehive. It was the first name proposed for the state, by Brigham Young.
Utah's nickname is still "The Beehive State." JW


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