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Tam Taits

Tam Taits

     What ca' they you?
       They ca' me Tam Taits!
     What do ye?
       Feed sheep and gaits!

     Where feed they?
       Down i' yon bog!
     What eat they?
       Gerse and fog!

     What gie they?
       Milk and whey!
     Wha sups it?
       Tam Taits and I!

     Fa's are ye?
     I'm Tam Tat's.
     Fat keeps he?
     Yowes an' gaits.
     Faur feed they?
     Doon in the bogs.
     Fat get they?
     Girse and fog.
     Fat gie they?
     Milk an' fy.
     Fa sups that?
     Tam Tat an' the cat.

     (1) Chambers PRS (1847), 187; (1870), 24, "from
     recitation in Perthshire"; Ford CR 28; Montgomerie SNR
     (1946), 108 (no. 133).
     (2) Greig FSNE clxi.2.  In line 10 fy = "whey".

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