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Tanqueray Martinis, Oh

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Tanqueray Martinis, Oh
(Paul Campbell and Jim Houlihan)

We set out from Stamford town
With a fleet of stinkpots all around
When from up aloft a cry came down:
"Tanqueray Martinis, Oh!"
It's good for captain and for crew
It's the only drink you can look right through,
And there's really nothing else will do ---
"Tanqueray Martinis, Oh!"

cho: So haul the sheets back with one hand,
     Set your drink down, if you can
     And never sail out of sight of land.
     "Tanqueray Martinis, Oh!"

At Greenwich harbor we put in
For we were getting short of gin
To continue on would have been a sin
"Tanqueray Martinis, Oh!"
Our skipper's lying on the floor
He was selected to go for more
But he broke his leg tryin' to get on shore.
"Tanqueray Martinis, Oh!"


Nine parts of gin and one vermouth
It's the sailors friend, ain't that the truth
From Sheepshead Bay to the Bay of Booth
"Tanqueray Martinis, Oh!"
Southhampton girls have figures fine
Rigged loose in front and taut behind
With packing slips from Calvin Klein
"Tanqueray Martinis, Oh!"


Copyright Campbell and Houlihan
Sung by the Boarding Party

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