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Teddy O'Neill

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Teddy O'Neill

I dreamt all last night -- O bad cess to my dreaming!
I'd die if I thought 'twould come surely to pass.
I dreamt while the tears down my pillow were streaming
That Teddy was courting another fair lass.
     And didn't I wake with a weeping and wailing;
     The pain in my heart was too deep to conceal.
     My mother cried, "Nora, dear, what is your railing?"
     But all I could answer was "Teddy O'Neill."

I've seen the old cabin beyond the wee boreen;
I've seen the old crossroads where we used to dance.
I've rambled the lane where he called me his storeen
And my girlish heart felt the thrill of romance.
     But now all around me is so sad and so dreary,
     All dark and all silent -- no piper, no reel.
     Not even the sun through my casement shines cheery
     Since I left my darling boy Teddy O'Neill.

Shall I ever forget when the big ship was ready
And the time it was come for my love to depart?
How I cried like a child, "Oh goodbye to you, Teddy,"
With a tear on my cheek and a stone in my heart.
     He said 'twas far better his fate he went roving,
     But what would be gold to the joy I would feel
     If he'd only come back to me, tender and loving,
     Though poor, but my own darling Teddy O'Neill?

Recorded by De Dannan on "Ballroom."

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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