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Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle

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Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle

Ten thousand goddam cattle
A-roamin' far and wide.
Shore wisht I had my sweetie here
A-layin' by my side,
A=layin' by my side.
     My gal, she up an' left me
     I spect she's gone to stay.
     She lit outta here a-runnin'
     With a son-of-a-bitch from Ioway (2x)

I'm a lone man, a real lone man.

He wasn't tall ner handsome
Jist an ornery lookin' cur
Shucks, I dunno what she seen in him,
Or what he seen in her-r-r (2x)
     They took my pinto pony
     And they took my six-weeks' pay
     The only thing they left here for me
     Was this dam' gee-tar to play (2x)

I'm a lone man, a real lone man.

She never wrote no letter
She never sent one line,
T'tell me where the hell she put
Them French postcards o' mine (2x)
     Ten thousand goddam cattle
     They kin rot fer all of me,
     Unless I find a purtier gal
     T'ease my misery-y-y (2x)

I'm a lone man, a real lone man.

see also Ten Thousand Cattle
According to SingOut, this was written by Owen Wister
  in 1888. SO attributes this version to Sam Hinton,
  via Katie Lee.
Recorded by Katie Lee, (Title cut on album)

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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