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Teterboro Tower

Teterboro Tower
(Oscar Brand & Jac Holzman)

 Teterboro Tower this is Piper 2-0-2
 I'm turning on my downwind leg, My fabric's come unglued
 The stick is burbling in my hand, I think I feel a stall
 & a bug's caught in my Pilot, my gauges don't read at all

 Now listen Piper 2-0-2, this is Teterboro Tower
 I cannot raise the crash crew cause it is their coffee hour
 & you're not cleared in the pattern, don't try a landing yet
 Just circle for departure while I mooch a cigarette

 Help Teterboro Tower, this is Piper 2-0-2
 I'm sweating out this landing, I don't know what to do
 My superhomer's on the blink, & your voice is fading fast
 Please clear my on my final, or this flight may be my last

 Now listen Piper 2-0-2, This is Teterboro Tower
 I'd like to help you buddy, but I just don't have the power
 The F.A.A's your only hope, so if you've time to spare
 Just file a form in triplicate & sign the questionaire

 Teterboro Tower, this is Piper 2-0-2
 I'm in Secaucus Hospital & I owe it all to you
 I'm sorry that I cracked her up & messed your pretty field
 We'll try it once around again if ever I get healed

From Folk Songs for Fun -by Oscar Brand - Hollis Music - 1961

Some slightly more militant lyrics are available
(also on an Oscar Brand LP, as I recall) under
 the title "Itazuke Tower." The primary difference is that
this version is geared to post-WWII Japan and involves
an Air Force P-51 Mustang.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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