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Taffy Was a Welshman

Taffy Was a Welshman

Taffy wiz a Welshman;
  Taffy wiz a thief;
Taffy cam' tae my hoose
  And stailt a bit beef.
I gaed tae Taffy's hoose,
  And there, upon my life,
When Taffy wisna lookin',
  I stole eez wife.
If he cam' back
  It wud be a great relief.
He cud keep his wife;
  I'd raither hae my beef.

Rodger Lang Strang (1948), 14.  Cf. ODNR 400 (no. 495),
first ref. 1780.
Note: It popped up in one of the earliest versions of Mother
     Goose (late 18th Century) RG


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