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Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving Eve
(Bob Franke)

It's so easy to dream of the days gone by
It's a hard thing to think of the times to come
But the grace to accept every moment as a gift
Is a gift that is given to some

     What can you do with your days
     But work and hope
     Let your dreams bind your work to your play
     What can you do with each moment of your life
     But love 'till you've loved it away
     Love 'till you've loved it away.

There are sorrows enough for the whole world's end
There are no guarantees but the grave
But the life that I live and the times that I spend
Are a treasure too precious to save.

As it was, so it is, as it is shall it be,
And it shall be while lips that kiss have breath;
Many waters indeed only nurture Love's seed
And its flower overshadows the power of death.

Copyright (C) 1982 Robert J. Franke
Published by Telephone Pole Music Publishing Co. (BMI) used by permission
Recorded by Sally Rogers on In the Circle of the Sun, Thrushwood records 002.
Full version recorded by Bob Franke on In This Night, FF70563 Flying Fish

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