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Their Way

Their Way
(Bob Blue)

I came, I bought the books, lived in the dorm, followed directions.
I worked, I studied hard, made lots of friends that had connections.
I crammed, they gave me grades, and may I say, not in a fair way,
But more, much more than this, I did it their way.

I learned so many things, although I know I'll never use them.
The courses that I took were all required, I didn't choose them.
You'll find that to survive, it's best to play the doctrinaire way
And so I knuckled down and did it their way.

Yes there were times I wondered why I had to cringe when I could fly.
I had my doubts, but after all, I clipped my wings and learned to crawl.
I learned to bend, and in the end I did it their way.

And now, my fine young friends, now that I am a full professor,
Where once I was oppressed, now I've become the cruel oppressor.
With me, you'll learn to cope, you'll learn to climb life's golden stairway.
Like me, you'll see the light and do it their way.

For what is a man?  What can I do?
Open your books, read chapter two.
And if it seems a bit routine,
Don't talk to me, go see the Dean.
They get their way, I get my pay.
We do it their way.

Copyright Bob Blue

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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