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The Tod (B)

The Tod (B)

     There dwells a Tod on yonder craig,
       And he's a Tod of might-a,
     He lives as well on his purchase,
       As ony laird or knight-a.

     John Armstrang said unto the Tod,
       An ye come near my sheep-a,
     The first time that I meet wi' you,
       It's I will gar ye greet-a.

     The Tod said tae John Armstrang again,
       Ye dare na be sae bauld-a;
     For'n I hear ony mair o' your din,
       I'll worry a' the sheep o' your fauld- a.

     The tod he hies him to his craig,
       And there sits he fu' crouse-a;
     And for Johnie Armstrang, and a' his tykes,
       He does not care a louse-a.

     Herd 1776 II.234 [4.2 originally crouss]; Montgomerie SC
     (1948), 43 (no. 35).


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