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The Whig

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The Whig

Would you know what a Whig is and always was?
I'll show vou his face as it were in a glass
He's a rebel by nature, a villain in grain,
A saint by profession who never had grace.
Cheating and lying are puny things;
Rapine and plundering venial sins;
His great occupation is ruining nations,
Subverting of Crowns, and murdering kings.

To show that he came from a wight of worth
'Twas Lucifer's pride that first gave him birth:
'Twas bloody Barbarity bore the elf:
Ambition the midwife that brought him forth.
Old Judas was tutor, until he grew big;
Hypocrisy taught him to care not a fig
For all that is sacred,  and thus was created
And brought in the world,  what we call a Whig.

Spewed up among mortals by hellish jaws,
To strike he begins at religion and laws;
With pious inventions and bloody intentions,
And all for to bring in the good of the cause.
At cheating and lying he plays his game,
Always dissembling, and never the same;
Till he fills the whole nation with sins of d-n-t-n
Then goe s to the d-v-l,  from whence he came!

From Songbook of the American Revolution, Rabson
tune: Poor Robin's Maggot or Would You Have a Young Virgin

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