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This Land Ain't Your Land

This Land Ain't Your Land

1.  First came the Norsemen, or Scandinavians,
    Extremely coarse men, mostly unshaven,
    They wandered inland, they called it "Vinland",
    This land that's made for you and me.

cho: This land that's your land, this land that's my land,
     This far from Norway, this just won't try land,
     Your average Viking had no great liking
     For this land that's made for you and me!

2.  The early Frenchmen had great persistence,
    Despite the Indians' combined resistance,
    With righteous feeling, they started stealing
    This land that's made for you and me.

cho: This...
     This voyageur land, this fleur de lys [pron. "lie"] land,
     This decimated, soon separated,

3.  Then came the English and assorted henchmen,
    Who started fighting with all those Frenchmen,
    Through this spot of bother, they told each other,
    ["I say,] this land is...

cho: This...
     This Rule Britannia, steak and kidney pie land,
     This land of Tory, of hope and glory,

4.  While French and English were busy fighting,
    US investors were quietly buying,
    We didn't spot it, until they got it,
    This land that's...

Last chorus:
    This land ain't your land, this land ain't my land,
    This all-Canadian, pie-in-the-sky land,
    Though we bemoan it, we still don't own it,
    This land...

- made by the Brothers-in-Law, 60's.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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