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This Way and that Way

This Way and that Way

Oh, the first is the miller, lived down by the mill,
For the want of a water, his stones they lay still.
Up steps the fair damsel and sees him in want.
She run his old stones through the sluice of her cunt.

Oh, it's this way and that way and do what you will.
For I'm sure I've said nothing that you can take ill.
So don't be offended, as long as I don't,
For the women all let the men feel of their cunt.

Next is the fisherman, down by the brook,
For all that he lacks is a line for his hook.
Up steps this fair damsel and sees him in want,
She spun him a line from the hair on her cunt.

Next is the barber, a-shaving a man,
Up steps this fair damsel, says, "Shave me if you can."
The answer he gave her: "My razor is blunt."
She told him to sharpen it on the rim of her cunt.

Collected between 1975 and 1982 by Paul Gifford from fellow musician
William Bigford of Portland, Michigan.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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