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Things in Life

Things in Life
(Don Stover)

Look up, look down the lonesome road, hang down your head and cry.
For we oft'times lose some things in life that makes us wonder why.

Oh the fairest love I ever had now sleeps beneath the plain,
I live in hope and dreams of her that we'll meet again someday.

I often sit and wonder why life has to be this way,
But after all is said and done I'm sure God has his say.

I'd like to be a small part of life, with some few things to achieve.
Just to know I've been a fruitless cause would give my poor heart grieve.

Nowe when they lower my casket down in some lonesome grave to rest,
And you take your last look at my face you can say I did my best.

Copyright Don Stover, Bathhurst Music BMI

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