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Theniel Menzies Bonie Mary

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Theniel Menzies Bonie Mary
(Robert Burns)

In comin by the brig o Dye,
   At Darlet we a blink did tarry;
As day was dawin in the sky,
  We drank a health to bonie Mary.

CHO: Theniel Menzies' bonie Mary,
     Theniel Menzies' bonie Mary,
     Charlie Grigor tint his plaidie,
     Kissin  Theniel's bonie Mary.

Her een sae bright, her brow sae white,
   Her haffet locks as brown's a berry,
And ay they dimpl't wi' a smile,
   The rosy cheeks o' bonie Mary.

We lap an danc'd the lee-lang day,
  Till piper-lads were wae and weary;
But Charlie gat the spring to pay,
   For kissin Theniel's bonie Mary.

tune: Ruffian's rant (177)

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