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Three Girls Drowned

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Three Girls Drowned

In western Pennsylvania fair,
At Washin,oton three ladies were,
All teachers in a Sabbath school
Where children learn the Golden Rule.
To Gravel Run the three did ride,
To God's own house they did repair
With young John Ash to worship there.'

They heard the gospel's joyful sound,
And they took the sacramental wine
And broke the bread for the last time.
Bright forkcd lightning flashed around
While awful thunder shook the ground.
"This is the voice of God on high,
Ye living men, prepare to die.

And on this eventful day,
Many will find it their last time to pray."
A prayer of hymn and praises sung,
As they rode back to Washington.
A following stream they thought to ford,
Which sent their spirits home to God.
A young man on the tide did float
Till it came in contact with a boat.

This he mounted o'er the wave
Which saved him from a watery grave.
Lucinda Phelps, Harriet Stroag,
Elizabeth Ash, all three are gone.
The last one mentioned of the three
Seventeen short years had lived to see.
The other two whose race had run
Had lived till nearly twenty-one.
The rolling current stopped their breath
And left their bodies cold in death.

From Ballads and Songs of Michigan, Gardner
Collected from E.W.Harns, MI
DT #768
Laws G23

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