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Three Leaf Shamrock

Three Leaf Shamrock

In the dark, a ship was anchored
On a bright St Patrick's Day
On the quay a lass was sighing
For her lover going away
In her hand she held an emblem
And its small green leaves were three
And her parting words were "darling,
Look at this and think of me"

cho: Three leaf shamrock I adore thee
     You three leaves I long to see
     When there's brighter days in Ireland
     I'll come home and marry thee.

Just before the ship had started
As she'd laid her land on mine
Just before that we had parted
She looked with loving eyes so kind.
But tonight I am an exile
Far from home, and far from thee
When there's brighter days in Ireland
I'll go home and marry thee.

(repeat chorus)


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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