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Sweet Thyme

Sweet Thyme
(Pete Mundy)

 In the springtime of the year
 I loved and lost my dear
 For love grows wild when the weather it is mild
 As you will quickly hear

 Cho: Sweet thyme, sweet thyme
     The holly and the thyme
     The rosemary and the willow tree
     Around my heart entwine

 Then in comes sweet July
 When the nightingales do fly
 And lovers play all in the hay
 As the pale moon fills the sky

 But when autumn's golden grain
 Is gathered in again
 And the turning year will bring my dear
 And an end to all my pain

 But in winter's cloak of gray
 I'll find my love today
 Oh, and I'll not wait till summer's at the gate
 Away false love, awa

copyright Pete Mundy
recorded by Beggar's Velvet

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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