Digital Tradition Mirror

Time Came Down

Time Came Down
(Cindy Kallet)

Time came down and brought me roses
Hyacinths and dandelions
I roamed the woods and the fields of clover
And thought of you from time to time
Spruce and pine the forest cover
And I think of you from time to time

The moon came down and gave me sleeping
Dreams of life amidst these wars
Spring came and the mountains melted
And flowed down to these rocky shores
Ice and blood the mountains wept
And flowed down to these fragile shores

The fog rolled in and carried silence
Up on the rocks the air was still
Winds have blown these ages to us
You have chosen not to kill
Salt of tears and sand from ashes
We can choose now what we feel

The sun rose high, I heard with wonder
As the silences gave wayto sound
Underneath the mountain maple
I heard your singing all around
Brown leaves and rough wood so cool to climb in
And I could feel your singing all around

(Repeat first verse)


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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