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The Tinker's Courtship

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The Tinker's Courtship

In Bibberly town a maid did dwell
A buxom lass and I knew her well;
Her age it was scarce twenty-two
And for a man she was in view

cho: Fa la la lero liddle lie day
     Rite fal la la lero li gee whoa!

She went to live with a gentleman;
One day came a tinker to solder her pan.
He slyly got her behind the door,
And gave her kisses over and o'er .

When all was finish'd and at an end,
She slipp'd him fifty bright guineas in hand,
Saying, "Call when you come this way again,
You shall have the same old kettle to mend. "
Now the tinker being very dry,
He called at an alehouse standing by,
Saying "Landlord bring me some ale, I pray,
For fifty bright guineas I've earned today."

The landlord said, "Well done, my cock,
Your rivets you have boldly knock'd;
My ale is good and your gold is fine,
And you shall stop with me to dine. "

Now if all is true as I've been told,
The tinker he hath spent all his gold;
So he must do as he's done before
And rivet the maid behind the door.

From The Constant Lovers, Purslow

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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