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Weary of the Darning

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Weary of the Darning
(Allie Windwick)
(from Gordon Bok's "Ensemble)

Here's a tinkler seekin' rags, Seek-in' rags, an' seek-in' rags,
He begs wi' plea that never flags,
Though Collie growls a warnin'.
What's the use of comin' here?
We're sillerless wi' little gear
All the time the billows roar
Men wha fish must bide ashore.

cho: So come ye back some ither day, Ither day, some ither day.
     Wur wearin' a'the  rags we hae And weary o' the darnin'.

Here's a man wha winnae ploo, Winnae  ploo,  winnae ploo,
Ne'er a thowt tae keep a coo;
He  cinnoe thole the  farmin'.
Cauld the wind wi' whist-le seeks
The muckle holes in  Willie's breeks.

In an oot the needle flies, Needle flies, the needle flies,
We've patches here o' sic a size,
'Twill keep her goin' 'til mornin'.
Gang we all wi' tattered sarks
While faither's creels lie oot o' work.


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