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Titanic (Rise No More)

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Titanic (Rise No More)

Sailing out on the Titanic
Some ninety miles from shore,
When suddenly it struck an iceberg,
And sank to rise no more.

CHORUS: Lost on the great Titanic
        Sinking to rise no more;
        The number, sixteen hundred
        That failed to reach the shore.

There were paupers, merchants, and rich men
Sailing out on this boat;
And when it sank in the ocean
You could see their bodies float.

The men stood back like heroes.
Sending their wives to the shore;
They kissed, shook hands, and parted,
To meet on earth no more.

The band was playing sadly,
"Nearer, My God, To Thee;"
lt seemed to play its utmost
As it sank in the deep blue sea.

Varant of Lost on the Lady Elgin; See also Lost on the Lady Elgin
See also Down With the Old Canoe The Titanic (Cold and Icy Sea)
From  Southern Folk Ballads, McNeill. Collected from Lula Davis,
Ak, 1951.

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