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The Tombigbee River (Gum Tree Canoe)

The Tombigbee River (Gum Tree Canoe)

On Tombigbee river So bright I was born,
In a hut made ob husks ob de tall yaller corn,
An dar I fust meet wid my Jula so true
An I row'd her about In my Gum Tree Canoe

cho: Singing row away row, O'er the waters so blue,
     Like a feather we'll float, In my Gum Tree Canoe

All day in de field de soft cotton I hoe,
I tink of my Jula an sing as I go,
Oh I catch her a bird, wid a wing ob true blue,
An at night sail her round in my Gum Tree Canoe.
     Singing row away  &c.

Wid my hands on de banjo and toe on de oar,
I sing to de sound ob the rivers soft roar;
While de stars dey look down at my Jula so true,
An' dance in her eye in my Gum Tree Canoe.
     Singing row away  &c.

One night the stream bore us so far away,
Dat we couldn't come back, so we thought we'd jis stay;
Oh we spied a tall ship wid a flag ob true blue
And it took us in tow in my Gum Tree Canoe.
     Singing row away  &c.

I have a copy of the original Sheet music. It was published in Boston (as
much of the first-period minstrel music was) in 1847!  Only 4 years after
Dan Emmett and the boys got the whole thing rolling!
(Cover text is as follows):
The words by S.S. STEELE, Esq. as sung by A.F. WINNEMORE and his band of
Arranged for the Piano Forte by A. F. WINNEMORE.
X   No 1. The Gum Tree Canoe
         2. Kate of Carolina (Note: other songs were sold with same cover)
         3. Dinah Doe
         4. Away to the Sugar Cane Field
         5. Farewell to Georgia
         6. De Eel Catcher's Glee
Published by Geo. F. Reed, 17 Tremont Row
Entered according (blurred) copyright in the year 1847 by Geo. P. Reed in
the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachussetts.
Written by S.S. Steele           Sung by A.F.Winnemore

note2: See Australian version

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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