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Thomas Cromwell

Thomas Cromwell

'For if your boone be askeable,
Soone granted it shalbe:

'If it be not touching my crowne,' he said,
'Nor hurting poore comminaltye.'
'Nay, it is not touching your crowne,' shee sayes,
'Nor hurting poore comminaltye,

'But I begg the death of Thomas Cromwell,
For a false traitor to you is hee.'
'Then feitch me hither the Earle of Darby
And the Earle of Shrewsbury,

'And bidde them bring Thomas Cromwell;
Let's see what he can say to mee;'
For Thomas had woont to haue carryed his head yp,
But now he hanges it yppon his knee.

'How now? How now?' the king did say,
'Thomas, how is it with thee?'
'Hanging and drawing, O king!' he saide;
'You shall neuer gett more from me.'

Child #171
From Child as only version, incomplete with beginning missing
From Percy
Thomas Cromwell was arrested in 1540

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