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Towards the Sunset

Towards the Sunset
(Pat and Joe Byrne)

cho: So swing her head round
     We're heading for the wester'
     Swing her head round
     We're heading off the bay
     Oh swing her head round
     We're heading t'wards the sunset
     Towards the sunset, in search of yesterday

All cares will vanish as soon as we clear Bertold
And the seven combers that roll there day by day
We're joined again with those who sail before us
T'wards Chapereau or out to Golden Bay

Our thoughts go back now to those trim yankee bankers
Taking bait on for Georges or the Briar
And the song-sung men like those who sailed from Bruley
Bound for St. Peters in the springtime of the year

Lost in the mists are the ghosts of sturdy hunters
From Rose-a-rue still searching for the whale
And the ghostly fleet forever beating win'ard
Forever riding that fabled August gale

And the ghosts of those who forever are returning
From far a port or the Indies with their charms
Driving bows under to make it home for Christmas
To kitchen fires and women's waiting arms


The Islands stand now like silent grey reminders
Of times gone by when Nat was in his prime
They hold the secret for all who wish to find it
Forever flowing in blood like yours and mine

Copyright Pat and Joe Byrne
From the collection of Andrew Draskoy

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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