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Treacle Scones

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Treacle Scones

Treacle scones they were made,
Thick wi' butter they were spread,
And on the table they were laid,
An' ready for the waddin', O

       Durrum a doo a di a day,
       Durrum a doo a daddy, O,
       Durrum a doo a di a day,
         Hurrah for the tinker's waddin', O.

     From Helen Rodger Shoolbraid, Leslie, Fife, c. 1934.
This is a folk-verse of a fairly well-known 19th-century
comic song, "The Tinklers' Waddin'", written by William Watt
(1792-1859), in (e.g.) Ford Vagabond Songs I (1899), 1 (with
music).  Watt wrote it to the tune Monymusk, but it has long
been sung to a set of Last Farewell to Stirling, also used
for the Glasgow convivial song "Rothesay-oh". MS


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