Digital Tradition Mirror

Trust in Me

Trust in Me
(Barry & Holly Tashian)

Heard about the trouble you had
               E      A
That left you lonely, made you sad
He stole your heart and your money too
                   E       A
Told a lie when you said "I do."
Now he broke the vows you made
You ought to let his memory fade.

    D                               A
When you're all alone and you need a friend

E                    A
You can trust in me right to the end

D                   A
When your heart cries out for love that's true

E                     A
You can trust in me to see you through.

I've seen the way he made you cry
With other lovers on the side
You'll never catch me running around
I'll be home when the sun goes down
My love is true to the wind and rain
Yeah, love can take away all the pain.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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