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Truck Driving Woman

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Truck Driving Woman
(Si Kahn)

You see me on the highway
And you nearly shift your load;
You take another look, good buddy
And you nearly leave the road.

 Ain't you never seen a truck-drivin' woman
     Ninety pounds of fire in a five-foot frame.
     And you'd better move on over
     'Cause I'm right behind you in the left hand lane/

When you see me in the truck stop
And my long hair hangs in curIs
Don't you try to buy my coffee
'Cause I ain't no good time girl.

 No, I'm a truck drivin' momma
     Five children waiting when I end my run
     And I got to get movin'
     Got to be in Georgia with the rising sun.

So when you see me on the highway
And you hear my diesel moan
Don't you whistle at me buddy
'Cause you know I'm not alone.

 I got my good friend'* beside me
     Working together, it's the way we feel
     Yeah I'm  a truck drivin'woman
     Night haul from Pittsburgh with a load of steel.

Repeat first verse

* or "my old man" or "my woman"
Copyright Joe Hill Music

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