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True Blue Bill

True Blue Bill

I was born up in the mountains, where the rattlesnakes have legs,
Where the hootowls speak in English, and the roosters lay square eggs.
I shaved my beard and mustache, the first day I was born,
And I beat up on my old man and drank his riot corn.

cho: Oh, I'm a truthful fellow, they call me True Blue Bill
     I never told a falsehood, and I bet I never will.

One day when I was sailing the islands of the sea,
By cannibals I was captured, and they tied me to a tree.
They danced and beat their tom-toms, and they got rather rough,
But I told them I wouldn't make good steak, 'cause I was too darn tough.

I used to be an aviator, and in my aeroplane,
I flew across to Paris and I started back again.
When I got halfway over, the darned old motor balked,
So I left the darn thing sit up there, and I got out and walked.

The Father of Our Country, he never told a lie,
and he was my great-great-grandmother, so I ask you why should I?


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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