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T Stands for Thomas (2)

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T Stands for Thomas (2)

As I walked out one May morning
One May morning in Spring,
I leaned my back against a a lowland gate
For to hear my true-love sing.

For to hear my true-love sing a song
And to hear what she had to say,
For I wished to know more of her mind
Before I went away.

"Come sit you down all by my side
On the grass that grows so green;
For it's more than three-quarters of one year
Since together you and I have been.

I never will believe what an old man does say
For his days they cannot be long,
And I never will believe what the young men say
For they promise, but marry none.

There's T stands for Thomas, as I've heard them say
And J stands for my man John,
And it's W it stands for my sweet William
But Johnny is the handsomest man."

I climbed to the top of the highest of the trees,
And robbed the cuckoo of her nest,
Then I'll return safe home again
And get married to the girl I love best.

A somewhat garbled collection of floaters. RG
From Wanton Seed, Purslow

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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