Digital Tradition Mirror


(Fred Rose and Gene Autry)

Tweedle-o-twill, puffin' on corn silk
Tweedle-o-twill, whittlin' wood
Settin' there wishin' - he could go fishin'
Over the hill, Tweedle-o-twill.

Tweedle-o-twill, don't he look drowsy
Tweedle-o-twill, noddin' his head
Bet he feels lazy - pluckin' that daisy
Gettin' a thrill, oh, Tweedle-o-twill.

Tweedle-o-twill, bobbin' and weavin'
Tweedle-o-twill, wadin' in corn
Takin' it easy - out where its breezy
Better be still, oh, Tweedle-o-twill.

Tweedle-o-twill, swattin' a horsefly
Tweedle-o-twill, pickin' his nose
Birds of a feather - flockin' together
Gettin' a thrill, oh, Tweedle-o-twill.

Recorded by Gene Autry
Copyright Fred Rose and Gene Autry

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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