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Two Brothers

The Two Brothers 3

Two brothers they have just returned
Their pleasures are all sincere.
I want to see my pretty Susie
The girl I loved so dear.

You're not the one that loves Susie,
And here I'll spill your blood.
He drew a knife both keen and sharp
And pierced it through his heart.

What will you tell my father dear
When he calls for his son John?
I'll tell him you're in the western woods
A-learning your hounds to run.

What will you tell my mother dear
When she calls for her son John ?
I'll tell her you're in the Tennessee
A lesson there to learn.

What will you tell my pretty Susie
When she calls for true love John ?
I'll tell her you're in your silent grave,
Where never no more to return.

She took her bible in her hand,
A-moaning she went on.
She moaned till she came to his silent grave.
In search of her true love John.

What do you want, my pretty Susie ?
What do you want with me ?
I want a kiss from your clay-cold lips,
'Tis all I ask of thee.

If I were to kiss your rosy cheeks
My breath it is too strong.
If I were to kiss your ruby lips,
You would not stay here long.

So now go home, my pretty Susie,
And moan no more for me,
For you may moan to Eternity,
My face no more you'll see.

Child #49
From English Folk Songs in the Southern Appalachians, Sharp
Collected from Mrs. Rosie Smith, VA, 1916
Note: Some Unquiet Grave seems to have drifted in here. RG

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