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The Two Lost French Fliers

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The Two Lost French Fliers

In the pages of history are written
The names of two men brave and true
Two heroes who fought for their country
As only true heroes can do.
     They fought 'til the World War was over
     For their home and the freedom of men,
     And the world's highest honor was paid them
     For they helped bring the war to an end.

And then on a warm summer morning,
They climbed in their airship so grand,
And they started to fly o'er the ocean
To bring greater fame to their land.
     The eyes of the world were upon them
     As they sailed proudly on through the night
     And the thought never came for a moment
     That this was to be their last flight.

A great crowd was waiting to greet them
In old New York town far away,
And they hoped every moment to see them
But they waited in vain all the day.
     And then o'er the waves flashed the message:
     "Our brave heroes cannot be found!"
     And the great ship went forth to the rescue,
     For they knew that the airship went down.

(instrumental part A)
     There's a lesson to learn from this story
     For each life is a ship on its way,
     And we should be ready to answer
     When the Master shall call us some day.

Recorded by Vernon Dahlhart
Note: The two French fliers, whose name is recorded on the pages
     of history but, apparently, nowhere else were Conti and Nungesser,
     who predated Lindberg by a few years, and were less successful. RG
     There's a statue dedicated to them at Etretat, on the coast of Normandy,
     the last place they were sighted. DM


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