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The Two Sisters (8)

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The Two Sisters (8)

There were two sisters, Jane and Mary Ann
     I went a-gay and a-gandy
They were both in love with the same young man
     Down by the bonny busk of London.

The oldest one said to the youngest one day
"Let's go see our father's ship sail away.

So they both went out so light and gay
To go see their father's ship sail away.

The youngest one put her foot upon a stone
The oldest one, she shoved her in.

Their lover, with his gentle hand
He brought the lady on dry land.

He kissed her face, he kissed her hair
He kissed her lips so red and fair.

He said, "My dear, 'tis you I love
More than the riches in Heav'n above."

She said, "Your riches great may be
But all I do crave is your fair body."

He's mounted her on his milk-white steed
And away to his castle with all speed.

He's dressed her up in silk so gay
All married to be that very day.

You could not see her beautiful face
For it was covered all over with lace.

You could not see her beautiful hair
For the lumps of gold were lying there.

From Songs of the Newfoundland Outports, Peacock
Child #10
Recorded by Anita Best
note: there's a little plot left...RG


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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