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Way Up the Ucletaw

Way Up the Ucletaw

1.  Come all you bull-neck'd loggers and hear me sing my song
    For it is very short and it will not keep you long

    We had blankets for to travel, biscuits for to chaw
    We were in search of pitchbacks way up the ucletaw

2.  We're leaving Vancouver with sorrow, grief and woe
    Heading up the country, a hundred miles or so.

3.  We hired fourteen loggers and we hired a man to saw
    We hired a greenhorn cook and he ran the hotcakes raw.

- From the singing of Ed Dalby, Campbell River, 1959 to Phil
Thomas and in his Songs of the Pacific Northwest; he learnt
the song at age 17 in 1898.   "Ucletaw" is the Yuculta Rapids,
between Sonora and Stewart Islands at the mouth of Bute Inlet.
"Pitchback" is a giant Douglas Fir. Note that original
"greenhorn" (3.2) was "Chinee". V.1 by PJT. JB


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