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I Can See Your Aura, and It's Ugly

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I Can See Your Aura, and It's Ugly
(Mark Graham)

I've done lots of spiritual healing
I'm in touch with all my feelings
I've read palms and read the stars for kings and queens,
And I hate to bum you out, but you have without a doubt
The ugliest aura that this poor boy's ever seen

cho: 'Cause I can see your aura and it's ugly.
     Your Spirit must be rotten to the core,
     And to a new age guy like me
     You'll just bring pain and misery,
     So dear, I cannot love you anymore.

In some life you lived before
You murdered people by the score.
Your evil is so totally complete.
All good in you is gone, you are darkness with no dawn,
Either that or you are eating too much meat.

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