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Unemployment Stomp

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Unemployment Stomp
(Big Bill Broonzy)

I'm a law abiding citizen, and my debts I sure will pay,
I'm a law abiding citizen, and my debts I sure will pay.
I hope war don't start and Uncle Sam have to send me away.

I haven't never been in jail, and I haven't never paid no fine, baby,
I wants a job to make my livin', cause stealin' ain't on my line.

I've knowed a time when I have raised my own meat and meal,
My meat was in my smokehouse, and my meal was in my field.

When Mr. Roosevelt sent out those unemployment cards,
I just knowed sure that work was goin'to start.

Broke up my home 'cause I didn't have no work to do,
My wife had to leave me' cause she was starvin' too.

From Hard Hitting Songs, Guthrie et al
Recorded by Big Bill Broonzy, Vocalion 04378

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